What Happened to the Doe House

It was built forever ago (1964) by miners who moved into town during the gold rush. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Doe, had been a young couple who couldn’t afford it, but would be able to pay it off after they found gold in the mountains.

They had 2 kids but they died because they got sick and they didn’t have medicine for it back then except to chop off the parts that got sick. So the kids each only had one leg and the younger one didn’t have any arms either. That’s why their ghosts make so much noise- they’re tripping all over the place. But the older one still has his .22 rifle and it still works.

The parents didn’t know what to do after they died, so the dad started punching the bottle and the mom got angry with him, I guess because she liked the bottle and didn’t like him punching it. But one day he punched it so hard that he hit her, too, and she died. He was afraid the police would find out, so he fell down the stairs and died, too.

The windows were put out by a bolt of lightning years ago. The house is haunted, so instead of setting fire to it, it just broke all the windows.

If you go in the yard, there aren’t any dogs, but there’s quicksand by the porch.

Or at least that’s what my 10 year old tells me happened to the foreclosed home in the vacant lot.



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