We’re Kind of Stupid That Way

Stupid that way(Here’s a poem/song my friend, Nathan, and I made about Calvin and Hobbes as a tribute to our favorite comic strip.)
Found ya one day hangin’ upside down
In a tree from a trap I’d left lyin’ around
So I undid the knot, and I let ya down
The adventures began soon as your feet hit the ground
We always run around, and we’ve always got a plan
If there’s trouble in town, call Stupendous Man
He’s not the best hero, but he does what he can,
And my legs are short,  so he’s not impressive when he stands.
I have to leave everyday and that’s when I’m most alone
And I keep my wits about me to outsmart Mo.
School is the worst, I hate the fact I have to go
Despite how smart I really am, I just appear slow
Cuz I don’t get math and all of its workin’s,
So lean over to Ms. Susie Derkins
“What’s 2+2?” “A million, duh.”
“No, that can’t be right, you said that’s 7+1.”
I know it always seems like I’m up to no good
But I gotta get home for my appointment in the woods
For a ride in my wagon to enjoy my childhood
Though I’ll think about philosophy in all likelihood.
There’s nothing that can stand in our way
We’re seizin’ the day, and finding new ways
The days are just packed for you and I.
We’re invincible, indispensable,
some even say essential
But whatever they say, you’re my best friend till the day we die.)
Jump in leaves when it’s fall
In between play Calvinball
Make up rules, fake sick for school
Mess with Dad’s power tools
Get a box, set back the clock, travel all around the world
Somewhere we will find time to Get Rid Of Slimy girlS.
In our treehouse, they just aren’t allowed
We play outside all day, our neighbors say we’re too loud
There’s treasure everywhere, look at what I found
Can you believe someone just left it lying around?
I wanna rent a VCR, Roz don’t have to babysit
Cuz guaranteed she’ll have me tucked into bed by half-past 6
But that’s ok, cuz I know that you’ll come with
When we find a new planet with Spaceman Spiff
If I won this beanie, would it really make me fly?
If I don’t wanna take a bath, how long can I hide?
If I run outta hair gel, I’ll just use Crisco
If it’s snowin’ you ain’t gotta ask- let’s go.
There’s a thousand other things that we can imagine
Like transmorgifiers, clones, and mutant snowmen
I always have said tigers make the best friends
And what makes it even better’s knowing this will never end.
The time you got lost, I didn’t know what to do
I couldn’t stand the thought that maybe this was true
But thankfully none of those thoughts came true
Cuz I think my favorite thing about me is you.

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