distractedThere it was again. That stupid bird.

With the puffed out feathers and the one eye that I swear is bigger than the other, but that I can’t prove because it only ever shows me one side of its face at a time. With the beak that’s uselessly round like it tripped over and fell onto an almond. With the wings that look like they’re each just a single feather. With the color that changes from blue to teal to green without the light changing at all, making me watch it ceaselessly, hoping I might figure out what’s making it do that. With the feet that shuffle back and forth, stretching as if that bird’s getting ready to lace up a pair of Pumas and do a 200 yard sprint. With the tail that unfolds from a neat stripe into an antique Japanese fan.

There it was again, perched on the window outside my classroom.

That stupid bird’s gonna make me fail creative writing.


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