These are the roots.

-Best Solution, Resolution (Resolve)

-Ten Dollars of Comics (Generosity/God’s Will)

-Grains of Salt and Baseball Diamonds (Church Image)

-Paltry Poultry (Joy)

-You Know Nothing, Jon Snow (But You’ll Receive Everything) (The Poor in Spirit)

-Coca Cola, Bill Nye, and Loving Your Neighbor (Social Media/Loving Your Neighbor)

-Chocolates and Commas (Valentine’s Day/Love)

-Excuse Me (Responsibility/Humility)

-Give It a Rest (Rest)

-Sunday Morning Superheroes: Peter Parker and the Promise of the Cross (Image of God)

-A Solitary Road Trip (Travel/Silence)

-Starvin’ Marvin (Spiritual Hunger)

-Heavenly U-Hauls (Mortality)

-Centerpieces (Blessings/Cynicism)

Face to Face (Image of Christ)

– Fed, Fred (Katchup) (Busyness/Spiritual Hunger)

-Clubhouses (Privilege)

-The Fate of the World (Sharing Stories/Self Love)

-Opening Lines (The Lord’s Prayer/Hope)

-No One Man Should Have All That Power (Christmas)

-The Spaces In Between (New Years/Whole Life)

-Wells (Truth)

-I Want to Believe (Faith)

-Lenting Habits (Lent)

-Lightweight (Giving)

-Ding Dong Ditch (Pursuit of God)

-Silence of the Lambs (Silence/Speaking for God)

-Scott Pilgrim vs. the Feels (Sentiment/Sadness)

-Oh, the Horror! (Evil/Control)

-To B, From the Kids (Brent)

-Sermon: Kids Say the Darnedest Things (Children/Kingdom)

-Right Here, Right Now (Presence)

-The Hassle With the Tassel (The Law)


– F-Bombs: Prologue (Language)

– F-Bombs Part 1: More Than Just a British Cigarette (LGBT)

– F-Bombs Part 2: Ladies and Gentlemen (And Everyone in Between) (Feminism pt. 1)

– F-Bombs Part 3: Role-ing Right Along (Feminism pt. 2)

-Throw Your Diamonds in the Sky If You Feel the Vibe (Pt.1): Digging Holes (Culture Clash)

-Throw Your Diamonds in the Sky If You Feel the Vibe (Pt. 2): Leave a Message After the Life (Redemption)

-Throw Your Diamonds in the Sky If You Feel the Vibe (Pt.3): The Roc(k) Is Still Alive Every Time I Rhyme (Worship)

-Kids’ Stuff (Introduction): Worth Our Time (Legacy)

-Kids’ Stuff (Pt. 1): Life, Death, and Mariachi (The Book of Life)

-Kids’ Stuff (Pt.2): Where We’re Planted (A Bug’s Life)

-Kids’ Stuff (Pt. 3): Alone in the World (ParaNorman)

-Kids’ Stuff (Pt. 4): Err, A Parent (Mr. Peabody and Sherman)


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